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Finnish Lapphund

The Finnish Lapphund (or lappie as they're affectionately known) is a reindeer herding breed from Lappland in Finland. They were developed by the Sami people, and while an old breed, they were not officially recognised as a breed until 1945.

The Finnish Lapphund is a medium sized breed that is slightly smaller than the Husky. They have a profuse double coat that helps them cope with both freezing cold and heat. There is a range of colours and markings, however one colour should dominate. In Australia, the most common colour is the black and tan. The most common marking is the "four eyes" with the tan patches above the eyes, however there have been a few dogs with spectacle markings on the eyes. Like other Spitz breeds, the lappie has a curved tail that should be up when it runs, however it does NOT need to be up in the stack.

Lappies are very family-orientated dogs. Temperament varies between individuals, with some being very drivey and others being couch potatoes. They are very intelligent and are fairly good watch dogs - a lappie can be a little bit noisy! However they are independant and like the Sibe sometimes won't do something unless they know what's in it for them.