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About Us

Ange Noir is my personal blog and website, and focuses on my two beautiful dogs, Akira the Siberian Husky and Halo the Finnish Lapphund. This website is to chronicle their achievements and accomplishments.

My partner, Scott, and I have always owned pets. As a child, my family had two pedigree Hungarian Vizslas (Elley and Gus) and a pedigree show Pomeranian (Rusty), as well as our two pedigree Siamese (Wissy Woo and Tea Brat) and two rescue cats, Sox the moggie and Taffy the Siamese x Abyssinian. I spent my early years on a farm and was therefore surrounded by animals. Scott, on the other hand, only ever had dogs. As a young child, his parents had an Old English Sheepdog named Shags, and in 2009 his rescue Australian Terrier x Jack Russell Terrier, Cooby, passed away.

We moved in together at the start of 2010 and for quite a while we talked about getting a dog. We spent a lot of time deciding on a breed, and when we finally narrowed it down to a breed (the Siberian Husky) we began to contact breeders. We knew that we were after a black and white female, and so we turned down a male red and white Husky from a registered breeder. We became aware of Akira in late April, and on the 2nd of May she joined our family. The first few months with Akira were hard work. While her "breeder" had tried to what was right, he didn't know much about raising a litter of puppies and as a result she was badly socialised. She was afraid of normal household appliances, like the microwave, dishwasher and washing machine, and one of the hardest fears for her to get through was a fear of men. But she slowly made a massive turnaround and is now a loveable and happy dog.

In October, the decision was made to add another furbaby to our family. I had been wanting a show dog for a while and had fallen in love with the Finnish Lapphund. I was lucky enough to go straight onto a waiting list with Taigakoira Kennels, and on the 25th of November our puppy was born. The experience with buying Halo has been so different to Akira, and a registered breeder is definitely the way to go. Halo has been extremely well socialised from the start, and we've been able to contact our breeder every step of the way. Plus I know that we'll always be able to get advice if we need to. It's such a good feeling to know that we're getting a puppy that is the best it can possibly be. The first day that Halo came home, we knew everything was different to how Akira was - she was happy, loveable and bold right from the very start.

We have no clue where the future will take us. Right now, we just plan to have fun showing Halo and work towards Akira's first trial in agility. And of course have lots of fun wth our beautiful dogs.